Ghosts and Goblins

Eileen Dover. Jim Socks. Seymour Dirt. Sonny Knights. The headstones bearing the names of these unfortunate souls who died on October 31st (a striking coincidence only unrivaled by any other coincidence except, perhaps, their names that happen to be such terrible puns) turned our front yard into a spooky graveyard every year when I was younger. For the month of October, our suburban lawn was a miniature cemetery, complete with an old fence with broken posts and cobwebs stretching across the yard.

I imagine that my family’s dedication to the holiday; the handmade decorations, the boxes of old costumes in the attic, the months of costume-planning; these are the reason why I love Halloween. It’s the delicious treats: stretchy taffy, chocolate bars with caramel and peanut butter and nougat, and sweet hard candy that makes your teeth sticky and your tongue change colors. It’s the chance to be someone else; a superhero or a ninja or a princess or a zombie or a witch. It’s the coming of fall; out with the bright green summer and in with the brown and gold and orange autumn days. There are plenty of reasons to love Halloween.

For the past few years, I have really gotten to love Halloween by using it to demonstrate a more creative side of me. Kierstin and I made costumes the last two years together, and I made a couple of costumes even before that. The month of October has been crammed with planning, purchasing, and painting papier-mâché and outfits while balancing our normal day-to-day activities. This year has been the first year that time and money have constricted this creative outlet, but we’re still celebrating the holiday. Pumpkins were carved, soup in bread bowls made for a perfect Halloween meal, and scary movies had us on the edge of our seats.

This Halloween post will be kept a little shorter than normal; instead, I’ll be spending my time partaking in the festivities while watching out for little ghosts and goblins. But first, I want to make a side note. I want to use this as a chance to bolster something that The Gist mentioned. Around this time of year, newscasters and journalist throw this phrase around: “ghouls and goblins” or “ghosts and goblins”. Mike Pesca noted that if you actually look around, there are no goblins! Ghouls, you may find; kids covered in a sheet with two holes in it, but goblins, you will find none. Of course, last year, I was technically a goblin for Halloween, but I think his point is still fun to think about. Anyway, Happy Halloween! Take a trip back through Halloween’s past with me through these pictures!

2014-10-25 07.40.22 2013-11-01 08.30.05 2013-10-30 05.54.05 2012-10-31 18.50.56 2012-10-30 12.24.21 2012-10-27 21.17.28 2011-10-27 20.47.13 2011-10-25 07.50.1175836_1588145797800_8076509_n


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