About Me: Michael Ford, Materials Graduate Student at UCSB

We live in a fascinating world with endless opportunities for new and exciting experiences. I’m a materials science graduate student at the University of California, Santa Barbara trying to make the most of this ideal location while working hard to make a name for myself in research. I live in Santa Barbara with my beautiful and supportive girlfriend, Kierstin, and our alacritous Yellow Labrador, Simba.  I value the chance for new experiences and rarely hesitate to explore new opportunities. Even if I don’t like it, I can at least say I’ve tried it. This mantra I live by has allowed me to experience life as a wedding DJ,  graveyard-shift quality control chemist, retail salesman, general contractor’s laborer, lab technician, college sports announcer, pharmacy clerk, high school wrestling official, teaching assistant and researcher. I have volunteered at museums, demonstrated science experiments for junior high school students, and served Thanksgiving dinner to the homeless. I have competed in wrestling, football, sailing, recreation softball, intermural soccer, racquetball, tennis, and running. I have backpacked through Northern California wilderness, hiked the rim of the Grand Canyon, learned about the history of the universe in museums, and camped next to the great Pacific. There’s so much more I have done, but there are magnitudes more that I want to do.

All of my life experiences, which have ranged across all spectra from tedious to exciting to rewarding to humbling,  have further encouraged me to seek new adventures, and I hope to document and share some of them here. I will also post about my various interests, which include random trivia and awesome science and technology. We live in a world that often overemphasizes the value of material possessions; I prefer the value of new experiences while focusing on unraveling the science of materials instead.


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